Top 100 Free Ebooks: Science Technology

Title Artist Name Category Release Date Price Rating
Brave New World Aldous Huxley Science Fiction 2021-01-28T08:00:00Z $0.99 0
Stars So Bright: Book Of Constellations (Kiddie Edition) Baby Professor Science & Nature 2015-12-20T08:00:00Z $4.99 0
Homo Deus Yuval Noah Harari Life Sciences 2017-02-21T08:00:00Z $14.99 4.5
The Coddling Of The American Mind Greg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt Social Science 2018-09-04T07:00:00Z $8.99 4.5
The End Of All Things John Scalzi Science Fiction 2015-08-11T07:00:00Z $8.99 4.5
The Rise And Fall Of D.O.D.O. Neal Stephenson & Nicole Galland Science Fiction 2017-06-13T07:00:00Z $10.99 4
Center Of Gravity Ian Douglas Science Fiction 2011-02-22T08:00:00Z $8.99 4.5
The Science Of Star Wars Mark Brake & Jon Chase Science & Nature 2016-11-15T08:00:00Z $10.99 0
Out Of This World Truths About The Solar System Astronomy 5th Grade Astronomy & Space Science Baby Professor Science & Nature 2017-02-15T08:00:00Z $4.99 4.5
Out Of The Dark David Weber Science Fiction 2010-09-28T07:00:00Z $9.99 4
Amusing Ourselves To Death Neil Postman & Andrew Postman Social Science 1985-11-29T08:00:00Z $9.99 4.5
At The Sign Of Triumph David Weber Science Fiction 2016-11-08T08:00:00Z $9.99 4.5
How To Create A Mind Ray Kurzweil Life Sciences 2012-11-13T08:00:00Z $8.99 4
The New Digital Age Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen Political Science 2013-04-23T07:00:00Z $13.99 3.5
The Diamond Age Neal Stephenson Science Fiction 1995-01-01T08:00:00Z $8.99 4.5
The Saints Of Salvation Peter F. Hamilton Science Fiction 2020-11-17T08:00:00Z $9.99 4.5
The Future Al Gore Political Science 2013-01-29T08:00:00Z $14.99 2.5
What Do Women Want? Daniel Bergner Social Science 2013-06-04T07:00:00Z $10.99 3.5
Existence David Brin Science Fiction 2012-06-19T07:00:00Z $10.99 4
The Wrong Stars Tim Pratt Science Fiction 2017-11-07T08:00:00Z $6.99 4
The Human Division #8: The Sound Of Rebellion John Scalzi Science Fiction 2013-03-05T08:00:00Z $0.99 4.5
Seven Wonders Of The Solar System David A. Aguilar Science & Nature 2017-05-30T07:00:00Z $10.99 0
The Human Division #11: A Problem Of Proportion John Scalzi Science Fiction 2013-03-26T07:00:00Z $0.99 4.5
The Human Division #12: The Gentle Art Of Cracking Heads John Scalzi Science Fiction 2013-04-02T07:00:00Z $0.99 4.5
Irresistible Adam Alter Social Science 2017-03-07T08:00:00Z $9.99 4
Science And The Founding Fathers: Science In The Political Thought Of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, And James Madison I. Bernard Cohen Science & Technology 1997-01-17T08:00:00Z $18.99 0
Who Owns The Future? Jaron Lanier Social Science 2013-05-07T07:00:00Z $15.99 4
IGen Jean M. Twenge Social Science 2017-08-22T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
Reclaiming Conversation Sherry Turkle Social Science 2015-10-06T07:00:00Z $11.99 4.5
The Third Plate Dan Barber Social Science 2014-05-20T07:00:00Z $12.99 4.5
The Victory Lab Sasha Issenberg Political Science 2012-09-11T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
The Buffalo Creek Disaster Gerald M. Stern Social Science 1977-02-12T08:00:00Z $12.99 4.5
Bright Light Ian Douglas Science Fiction 2018-11-27T08:00:00Z $5.99 4
Eye Wonder: Space Carole Stott Science & Nature 2016-04-28T07:00:00Z $6.99 0
What We Don't Talk About JoAnn Wypijewski Social Science 2020-06-02T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
Don't Mess With Me: The Strange Lives Of Venomous Sea Creatures (How Nature Works) Paul Erickson Science & Nature 2018-12-04T08:00:00Z $9.99 0
Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man Emmanuel Acho Social Science 2020-11-10T08:00:00Z $14.99 4.5
On Death And Dying Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Social Science 2011-07-26T07:00:00Z $13.99 3.5
The Narcissism Epidemic Jean M. Twenge & W. Keith Campbell Social Science 2009-04-21T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
Soul Of A Citizen Paul Rogat Loeb Political Science 2010-03-30T07:00:00Z $12.99 4
Sustainable Living With Environmental Risks Nobuhiro Kaneko, Shinji Yoshiura & masanori kobayashi Earth Sciences 2014-03-11T07:00:00Z Free 0
Body Language James Borg Social Science 2015-03-17T07:00:00Z $10.99 0
Leave Us Alone Grover Norquist Political Science 2009-10-13T07:00:00Z $6.99 0
Governing The Metropolitan Region: America's New Frontier: 2014 David Y. Miller & Raymond Cox Political Science 2015-01-28T08:00:00Z $46.99 0
Repowering Cities Sara Hughes Science & Nature 2019-11-15T08:00:00Z $29.99 0
Ilana Feldman, Governing Gaza (New Release) (Book Review) Anthropological Quarterly Social Science 2008-06-22T07:00:00Z $5.99 0
Governing Visions Of The Real Lars Weckbecker Social Science 2015-11-30T08:00:00Z $31.99 0
Governing Natural Resources For Africa’s Development Hany Gamil Besada Political Science 2016-09-13T07:00:00Z $48.99 0
Governing Borders And Security Catarina Kinnvall & Ted Svensson Political Science 2014-09-19T07:00:00Z $49.99 0
Governing Complexity In The Arctic Region Mathieu Landriault, Andrew Chater, Elana Wilson Rowe & P. Whitney Lackenbauer Political Science 2019-10-28T07:00:00Z $48.99 0
Governing Regional Integration For Development Antoni Estevadeordal & Philippe De Lombaerde Political Science 2016-04-22T07:00:00Z $59.99 0
New Development Assistance Yijia Jing, Alvaro Mendez & Yu Zheng Social Science 2019-05-24T07:00:00Z $79.99 0
The Globality Of Governmentality Jan Busse Political Science 2021-04-23T07:00:00Z $48.99 0
Probability Louis Trimble Science Fiction 2010-06-08T07:00:00Z Free 0
The Next 100 Years George Friedman Political Science 2009-01-27T08:00:00Z $6.99 4
The Demon-Haunted World Carl Sagan Science & Nature 1997-02-25T08:00:00Z $13.99 4.5
The Upside Of Irrationality Dr. Dan Ariely Social Science 2010-06-01T07:00:00Z $8.99 3.5
The Drunkard's Walk Leonard Mlodinow Science & Nature 2008-05-13T07:00:00Z $5.99 4
Numbers Don't Lie Vaclav Smil Science & Nature 2021-05-04T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
The Story Of More Hope Jahren Science & Nature 2020-03-03T08:00:00Z $8.99 4
The Chaos Function Jack Skillingstead Science Fiction 2019-03-19T07:00:00Z $2.99 0
Probability Moon Nancy Kress Science Fiction 2002-09-16T07:00:00Z $11.99 4
The Upside Of Irrationality (Enhanced Edition) (Enhanced Edition) Dr. Dan Ariely Social Science 2010-10-19T07:00:00Z $7.99 4
Report On Probability A Brian W. Aldiss Science Fiction 2015-05-19T07:00:00Z $7.99 0
The Predictioneer's Game Bruce Bueno de Mesquita Political Science 2009-09-29T07:00:00Z $12.99 0
The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning And Human Values Brian Christian Science & Nature 2020-10-06T07:00:00Z $14.99 0
Probability Space Nancy Kress Science Fiction 2004-01-05T08:00:00Z $11.99 4.5
A Field Guide To Lies Daniel J. Levitin Social Science 2016-09-06T07:00:00Z $13.99 0
The Best American Infographics 2014 Nate Silver & Gareth Cook Social Science 2014-10-07T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
Probability Sun Nancy Kress Science Fiction 2003-02-17T08:00:00Z $11.99 0
The Numbers Game Michael Blastland & Andrew Dilnot Social Science 2008-12-26T08:00:00Z $11.99 0
The Emergence Of Probability Ian Hacking Science & Nature 2006-07-24T07:00:00Z $24.99 0
Physical Intelligence Scott Grafton Life Sciences 2020-01-07T08:00:00Z $14.99 0
Breaking The Law Of Averages William M. Briggs Science & Nature 2011-06-14T19:41:38Z $9.99 0
The Design Inference William A. Dembski Science & Nature 1998-09-13T07:00:00Z $34.99 0
The Origins Of Totalitarianism Hannah Arendt Political Science 1973-03-21T08:00:00Z $9.99 4.5
Nose Dive Harold McGee Earth Sciences 2020-10-20T07:00:00Z $18.99 0
Understand The Weather: Teach Yourself Peter Inness Social Science 2010-08-27T07:00:00Z $3.99 0
Toxic Charity Robert D. Lupton Social Science 2011-10-11T07:00:00Z $10.99 4.5
Mission: Flight To Mars V. A. Jeffrey Science Fiction 2014-07-23T07:00:00Z Free 4
Gray Day Eric O'Neill Political Science 2019-03-26T07:00:00Z $11.99 4.5
Mission To Methone Les Johnson Science Fiction 2018-02-06T08:00:00Z $6.99 4
Another Man's War Sam Childers Political Science 2011-10-03T07:00:00Z $5.99 4.5
Copikaze Thomas Rizzo Political Science 2021-07-01T07:00:00Z $14.99 0
Reentry Peter Cawdron Science Fiction 2019-06-11T07:00:00Z $9.99 4.5
How To Be An Antiracist Ibram X. Kendi Political Science 2019-08-13T07:00:00Z $14.99 3.5
Dark Money Jane Mayer Political Science 2016-01-19T08:00:00Z $7.99 4
Nothing To Envy Barbara Demick Social Science 2009-12-29T08:00:00Z $14.99 4.5
Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser Social Science 2001-01-17T08:00:00Z $9.99 4
The Right Fights Back: Playbook 2012 (POLITICO Inside Election 2012) Mike Allen, Evan Thomas & Politico Political Science 2011-11-30T08:00:00Z $2.99 4
Pinheads And Patriots Bill O'Reilly Political Science 2010-09-14T07:00:00Z $13.99 3.5
Coming Apart Charles Murray Social Science 2012-01-31T08:00:00Z $8.99 3.5
Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman Mary Wollstonecraft Social Science 1797-01-01T07:00:00Z Free 4
The Moment Of Lift Melinda Gates Social Science 2019-04-23T07:00:00Z $11.99 4.5
We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families Philip Gourevitch Political Science 1999-09-04T07:00:00Z $1.99 4.5
Rules For Radicals Saul Alinsky Political Science 1989-10-23T07:00:00Z $11.99 3.5
Control Glenn Beck Political Science 2013-04-30T07:00:00Z $12.99 4
Old School Bill O'Reilly & Bruce Feirstein Political Science 2017-03-28T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
I'm Still Here Austin Channing Brown Social Science 2018-05-15T07:00:00Z $11.99 4.5
How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps Ben Shapiro Political Science 2020-07-21T07:00:00Z $14.99 4.5