Top 100 Free Ebooks: Social Studies

Title Artist Name Category Release Date Price Rating
Calling All Minds Temple Grandin PhD Social Issues 2018-05-15T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
The Coddling Of The American Mind Greg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt Social Science 2018-09-04T07:00:00Z $8.99 4.5
Amusing Ourselves To Death Neil Postman & Andrew Postman Social Science 1985-11-29T08:00:00Z $9.99 4.5
Sincerely, Emerson Emerson Weber Social Studies 2020-12-08T08:00:00Z $12.99 0
What Do Women Want? Daniel Bergner Social Science 2013-06-04T07:00:00Z $10.99 3.5
Irresistible Adam Alter Social Science 2017-03-07T08:00:00Z $9.99 4
Who Owns The Future? Jaron Lanier Social Science 2013-05-07T07:00:00Z $15.99 4
IGen Jean M. Twenge Social Science 2017-08-22T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
Reclaiming Conversation Sherry Turkle Social Science 2015-10-06T07:00:00Z $11.99 4.5
The Third Plate Dan Barber Social Science 2014-05-20T07:00:00Z $12.99 4.5
The Buffalo Creek Disaster Gerald M. Stern Social Science 1977-02-12T08:00:00Z $12.99 4.5
What We Don't Talk About JoAnn Wypijewski Social Science 2020-06-02T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
Don't Mess With The Circle Of Life Masoud Malekyari Social Issues 2020-12-15T08:00:00Z $5.99 0
Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man Emmanuel Acho Social Science 2020-11-10T08:00:00Z $14.99 4.5
On Death And Dying Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Social Science 2011-07-26T07:00:00Z $13.99 3.5
The Narcissism Epidemic Jean M. Twenge & W. Keith Campbell Social Science 2009-04-21T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
Body Language James Borg Social Science 2015-03-17T07:00:00Z $10.99 0
Ilana Feldman, Governing Gaza (New Release) (Book Review) Anthropological Quarterly Social Science 2008-06-22T07:00:00Z $5.99 0
Governing Visions Of The Real Lars Weckbecker Social Science 2015-11-30T08:00:00Z $31.99 0
New Development Assistance Yijia Jing, Alvaro Mendez & Yu Zheng Social Science 2019-05-24T07:00:00Z $79.99 0
The Upside Of Irrationality Dr. Dan Ariely Social Science 2010-06-01T07:00:00Z $8.99 3.5
The Upside Of Irrationality (Enhanced Edition) (Enhanced Edition) Dr. Dan Ariely Social Science 2010-10-19T07:00:00Z $7.99 4
A Field Guide To Lies Daniel J. Levitin Social Science 2016-09-06T07:00:00Z $13.99 0
The Best American Infographics 2014 Nate Silver & Gareth Cook Social Science 2014-10-07T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
The Numbers Game Michael Blastland & Andrew Dilnot Social Science 2008-12-26T08:00:00Z $11.99 0
Understand The Weather: Teach Yourself Peter Inness Social Science 2010-08-27T07:00:00Z $3.99 0
Ghosts Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce & Sal Murdocca Social Studies 2009-07-28T07:00:00Z $6.99 4
Toxic Charity Robert D. Lupton Social Science 2011-10-11T07:00:00Z $10.99 4.5
Dragons And Mythical Creatures Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce & Carlo Molinari Social Studies 2016-07-26T07:00:00Z $6.99 0
Nothing To Envy Barbara Demick Social Science 2009-12-29T08:00:00Z $14.99 4.5
Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser Social Science 2001-01-17T08:00:00Z $9.99 4
Coming Apart Charles Murray Social Science 2012-01-31T08:00:00Z $8.99 3.5
Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman Mary Wollstonecraft Social Science 1797-01-01T07:00:00Z Free 4
The Moment Of Lift Melinda Gates Social Science 2019-04-23T07:00:00Z $11.99 4.5
I'm Still Here Austin Channing Brown Social Science 2018-05-15T07:00:00Z $11.99 4.5
The Sum Of Us Heather McGhee Social Science 2021-02-16T08:00:00Z $13.99 5
Mugged Ann Coulter Social Science 2012-09-25T07:00:00Z $6.99 3.5
Coming To America (Second Edition) Roger Daniels Social Science 2019-10-01T07:00:00Z $12.99 0
Making Home From War Brian Komei Dempster Social Science 2013-07-15T07:00:00Z $11.99 0
The Contemporary Theory Of The Public Sphere Patrick O’Mahony Social Science 2013-08-15T07:00:00Z $109.99 0
Cartographies Of Differences Ulrike M. Vieten & Gill Valentine Social Science 2016-03-28T07:00:00Z $89.99 0
The Golden Bough Sir Sir James Frazer Social Science 1996-08-29T07:00:00Z $17.99 0
What's The Big Deal About Freedom Ruby Shamir & Matt Faulkner Social Studies 2017-05-02T07:00:00Z $10.99 0
Human Rights And Customary Law Under The New Constitution (Reflection) Transformation Social Science 2011-01-01T08:00:00Z $5.99 0
Mixed Messages Robert A. Paul Social Science 2015-04-24T07:00:00Z $31.99 0
Pandora's Lunchbox Melanie Warner Social Science 2013-02-26T08:00:00Z $13.99 4
Emma Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice Coco Simon Social Issues 2013-08-20T07:00:00Z $6.99 4.5
A Taste Of Molecules Diane Fresquez Social Science 2013-10-21T07:00:00Z $11.99 0
The Knowledge Lewis Dartnell Social Science 2014-04-17T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret Judy Blume Social Issues 1991-10-01T07:00:00Z $14.99 4.5
Mythology Edith Hamilton, Aphrodite Trust & Apollo Trust Social Science 2012-06-25T07:00:00Z $9.99 3.5
The Power Of Myth Joseph Campbell & Bill Moyers Social Science 1988-05-01T07:00:00Z $12.99 4.5
Deaf Child Crossing Marlee Matlin Social Issues 2013-04-30T07:00:00Z $8.99 4.5
Grace, Gold, And Glory My Leap Of Faith Gabrielle Douglas & Michelle Burford Social Studies 2012-11-27T08:00:00Z $6.99 4.5
Sequence Analysis And Related Approaches Gilbert Ritschard & Matthias Studer Social Science 2018-10-17T07:00:00Z Free 0
A Rights-Based Approach To Social Policy Analysis Shirley Gatenio Gabel Social Science 2016-03-23T07:00:00Z $54.99 0
The War Conspiracy Peter Dale Scott Social Science 2013-09-01T07:00:00Z $11.99 0
The UNHCR And Disaster Displacement In The 21st Century Sinja Hantscher Social Science 2019-07-18T07:00:00Z $59.99 0
Policy Analysis Of Transport Networks Marina van Geenhuizen, Piet Rietveld & Aura Reggiani Social Science 2016-04-22T07:00:00Z $59.99 0
Public Policy Analysis Wil A. H. Thissen & Warren E. Walker Social Science 2012-10-05T07:00:00Z $84.99 0
An Analysis Of The H-2A Agricultural Guest Worker Program And Recommendations For Future Policy Paulina M. Irigaray Social Science 2013-05-28T07:00:00Z $23.99 0
Watergate Jules Archer & Roger Stone Social Studies 2015-06-23T07:00:00Z $10.99 0
Founding Mothers Cokie Roberts Social Science 2009-04-14T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
#DoNotDisturb Jedediah Bila Social Science 2018-10-09T07:00:00Z $10.99 0
#NotYourPrincess Lisa Charleyboy & Mary Beth Leatherdale Social Studies 2017-12-12T08:00:00Z $11.99 0
Duncan's Masonic Ritual And Monitor Malcolm C. Duncan Social Science 1986-09-12T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
The Royal Arch Of Enoch Robert W. Sullivan IV Social Science 2017-02-27T08:00:00Z $6.99 0
On Killing Lt. Col. Dave Grossman Social Science 2014-04-01T07:00:00Z $14.99 4
Sex, Drugs, And Cocoa Puffs Chuck Klosterman Social Science 2003-08-26T07:00:00Z $12.99 3.5
Dopesick Beth Macy Social Science 2018-08-07T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
Newly Elected Chief Wants A Successful Community (Ontario Birchbark: Windspeaker's Special Section Serving The Aboriginal People Of Ontario) Windspeaker Social Science 2008-01-01T08:00:00Z $5.99 0
Absolutely Normal Chaos Sharon Creech Social Issues 2009-10-06T07:00:00Z $5.99 4.5
This Land Is Our Land Suketu Mehta Social Science 2019-06-04T07:00:00Z $11.99 4
America's 10 Greatest Domestic Fears: Water Shortages, Epidemics And Disease, Domestic Terrorism, Civil War, And More Derek G. America Social Science 2014-10-19T07:00:00Z $2.99 0
What Tech Calls Thinking Adrian Daub Social Science 2020-10-13T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
Blockchain Chicken Farm Xiaowei Wang Social Science 2020-10-13T07:00:00Z $9.99 5
The 47 People You'll Meet In Middle School Kristin Mahoney Social Issues 2019-08-06T07:00:00Z $7.99 0
Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog #2 Jake Marcionette & Victor Rivas Villa Social Issues 2015-03-31T07:00:00Z $6.99 0
Just Jake: Camp Wild Survival #3 Jake Marcionette & Victor Rivas Villa Social Issues 2016-01-05T08:00:00Z $7.99 0
Subprime Attention Crisis Tim Hwang Social Science 2020-10-13T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
In Your Shoes Donna Gephart Social Issues 2018-10-09T07:00:00Z $7.99 5
Friend Or Fiction Abby Cooper Social Issues 2019-10-08T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
Tru & Nelle: A Christmas Tale G. Neri Social Issues 2017-10-24T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
Voices From The Valley Ben Tarnoff & Moira Weigel Social Science 2020-10-13T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
A Writing Kind Of Day Ralph Fletcher Social Issues 2005-04-01T08:00:00Z $8.99 0
Ten Thank-You Letters Daniel Kirk Social Issues 2014-10-09T07:00:00Z $9.99 0
The Other Side Of The River Alex Kotlowitz Social Science 1998-01-05T08:00:00Z $12.99 4.5
Indian New England Before The Mayflower Howard S. Russell Social Science 2014-07-22T07:00:00Z $22.99 0
Elements Of Wit Benjamin Errett Social Science 2014-10-07T07:00:00Z $12.99 0
The Psychopath Test Jon Ronson Social Science 2011-05-12T07:00:00Z $13.99 4
Breaking Through Francisco Jiménez Social Studies 2002-10-01T07:00:00Z $7.99 4.5
So You've Been Publicly Shamed Jon Ronson Social Science 2015-03-31T07:00:00Z $9.99 4.5
Where Do We Go From Here Martin Luther King Jr. & Vincent Harding Social Science 2010-01-01T08:00:00Z $9.99 4.5
Incarceration Nations Baz Dreisinger Social Science 2016-02-09T08:00:00Z $10.99 0
The Death Of Innocents Helen Prejean Social Science 2006-01-24T08:00:00Z $12.99 0
The Other Slavery Andrés Reséndez Social Science 2016-04-12T07:00:00Z $9.99 4
"Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People" Dennis A. Henigan Social Science 2016-06-28T07:00:00Z $12.99 0
What Is Islamophobia? Narzanin Massoumi, Tom Mills & David Miller Social Science 2017-06-20T07:00:00Z $13.99 0
Rectify Lara Bazelon Social Science 2018-10-16T07:00:00Z $13.99 0
Should America Pay? Raymond Winbush, PhD Social Science 2010-07-27T07:00:00Z $9.99 0